TANNON combines research and innovation in the leather sector through a high quality service; it has grown through the generations, refining, through its experiences, the technical skills developing unique competences in understanding the needs of its customers.

as it is presented today, TANNON appears to be a very young and dynamic reality, but it brings together almost 50 years of experience in the tanning sector that is handed down from father to son, an experience that never ceases to update and grow over time.



We are inspired by the idea of a company that wants to combine tradition with innovation. We want to bring this spirit into the various areas of expertise, using bovine and buffalo skins as a fundamental and unique element, with modern applications and products created to last over time.

The goal of TANNON is to establish a relationship of trust with the customer, which over time can lead our customers to see us not only as their suppliers, but as real partners for their business.



We are able to offer many services ranging from the production of finished leather on customer’s sample to the sale of leathers ready for delivery from our warehouse, addressing and interacting with a very heterogeneous clientele, ranging from interior design manufacturers to shoe factories, creators of garments, leather goods and accessories, designers and design studios that with their clients range in all fields of skin use, from interior design of real estate to automotive, and the boating industry.


The experience and knowledge of raw materials acquired over time allow us to range between the various types of leather, the constant research and development of products that allow us to achieve one of the primary objectives of every entrepreneur, the satisfaction of their own customer.



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